The Funky Bunch

Lot Of Happenings

Dope Ass Night

The night grew boring until Rolan noticed a group of boys leaving. Not wanting to restrain them he acted as an escort only to be a total buzz kill. Eventually they all came home and set off for bed, but not before the eldest of the boys smuggled some druid touch from somewhere. Lucius found this as an opportunity to reconnect with the youth and proceeded to out smoke every single one of the boys with no serious problem.

Nobody Suspects The Draegloth!

With a full day ahead of them, the Funky Bunch decides to check in on this Strahd character that Lucius had heard of the night before. Several miles to the east of Kymbed is a ravine that runs north and south. Entering from the north and making their way through the heavy snow that has set in this area the party is eventually told to turn back by a large black creature with 4 arms and long white hair. The Funky Bunch agrees “Screw that” and proceeds to kill one of the two beast while the other runs off.

Now with curiosity they venture even further, eventually coming to a group of 3 sets of plate mail that harbor a red glow, standing in front of a wide opening. The armor begins walking slowly through the snow to them when Randall puts up a wall of flame to stop them. While this was fruitless the party does eventually slay these creatures. Licking their wounds a small girl is seen peering around in to the chasm from the wide opening. Rolan takes off.

Rescue or Kidnapping.

Using his shadowstep in this darkened ravine, Rolan bursts around the corner to see the girl reaching a large manor. Before she is able to enter Rolan grabs her and takes her back to the party, but not before knocking her out to sedate the struggle. The Funky Bunch decides the best way to leave would be to scale the side of this chasm and have an easy stroll out. With the party split, Randall, Lerissa, and Lucius on the top, Rolan still on the ground, and Adran hanging from the rope. A man comes around the corner. He begs for them to give Johannah back to him, after their refusal Strahd strikes.

Can’t Defend Two Fronts

Strahd leaps in to attack, charming Adran and feasting on his blood. But to defend against an areal assault while fighting opponents on the ground is not an easy task. He quickly finds himself outmatched in this environment and flees. Retreating to the manor to rest, while the party leaves to rest as well. Knowing they will have to go back in to this beast at his lair.


xangoth Staretta

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