The Funky Bunch

Lucius, I Don't Think We Are In Galia Anymore

The 6 Rooms

With time on their side the Funky Bunch rests up and takes on the 6 different rooms that seem to be halting their progress. Adran’s room came with a swift victory which was followed by the others within the time limit before the rooms reset. They all stood and watched as the prtruding stones of this door shift across the surface and eventually form the shape of a chain with 6 links. At this the double door slowly swings open.

The End of the Arcane Sanctum?

The door swings open revealing a long stretch of marble flooring and finely cut stone wall hallway. As the party steps forward their echo carries onward seemingly lighting the sconces that lay ahead. A brief 15 minute walk leads them to a rounded room with 6 cutouts into the walls and names engraved above each. From left to right they read Samorit, Tantor, Lumidaar, Reynala, Zilyana, and Reverence.

Using the gem of true seeing Adran finds that each one of these has a very ancient and permanent teleportation circle on each wall. Touching the one under Samorit, Adran is teleported away from the party. Shortly after the rest of the party, not wanting to divide again, follow suite. They appear in a natural cave with only one small exit and no return the way they came. Following this out finds them at the base of The Gale, a mountain in the northern part of Layoris. To their south a large town called Kymbed.

A Welcoming To A New Place

Shortly upon entering the town of Kymbed the Funky Bunch is approached by a young dragonborn lady by the name of Katrina Mosteller. She offers her home as a place to rest for the party and in turn she asks many questions about their adventures so far. After hearing of a few of their tales Katrina asks for their help with an investigation of missing children from the locale orphanage Bright Horizon

Feeling fresh the next day the party goes to see this orphanage where they meet with Jordan Charn, the founder of this home for lost children. It is found that in the last 2 months 6 children have gone missing at night. The most recent of which is a teenage girl by the name of Johanna. Speaking to a few children it is discovered there is a rumor of a man sneaking in at night and speaking to the children the night before they go missing. Lucy, a 6 year old girl, claims to have seen this man in the dark talking to Johanna before she hid herself. The next day Johanna was missing.

The lonely boy Devestriel has expressed that he, like Johanna, can’t adjust to the life as an orphan and would like to leave. Though his fear of not surviving on his own is what keeps him in the orphanage. He is extremely saddened by the loss of his parents and can’t figure out how the other children have moved on so quick.

The Hot Springs Episode

The Funky Bunch decides it a good idea to investigate the local hot springs that sit under The Gale. Basically shit all happened except Lucius stole a key to a random room there.

Pub Always Has Info

Before setting up for the watch at night Lucius makes is way to a tavern and asks around for interesting characters in town. This leads a drunk to tell him of Strahd. A man who has lived at a Manor a couple miles away from town. He moved in a couple years ago and is rarely seen. Nobody knows how he brings in money as his business seems to be elusive to many people.

Laying A Trap.

To prepare for the night everybody has taken positions within the Bright Horizon. On the top floor which has the older boys is Lucius who will be sleeping through the night and relying on his allies if things go down. The third floor with the younger boys is where Rolan has stationed himself.
The second floor with the younger girls is Adran’s floor for protecting. This leaves Randal and Lerissa to cover the ground floor.


xangoth Staretta

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