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So I got lazy and busy (not a great combination) and stopped updating on here but I believe its still a great source for The Funky Bunch’s story so I will do the best that I can to keep this site updated. There will be a few posts giving the basics of what has happened after the party left Strahd’s Manor

After The Manor

After Strahd’s Manor the party returned to Kymbed where Kristina Mosteller took the oldest of the 2 children, Johanna to care for since she didn’t seem emotionally well enough to go back into the public with other children. Meanwhile Allure (The young boy) goes back to The Bright Horizon to be with his friends. Lucius started a group called “Lucious’s Lads” which acts as an internship for the orphaned children in Kymbed. Devestriel went to work with Ruby, Arth got set up to work with Lassa, a tailor. The party is informed there are two best routes to get back to Galia, going to Gran Soren where an airship could take them to Elothwai but they may have to wait a month for the ship to arrive before it departs. The other route is to go through AAthun which was once the capital of Layoris until it was overun by the dead and now is walled off. The plan is after getting through they can reach Ru, a port city with trade routes to Saint Morek

Journey to AAthun

The party decides to take the route through AAthun in hopes of returning home faster. They stop at a town with a keep called Charnik on the outskirts of the walled area leading into AAthun. In Charnik is the keep The Ironwrought Keep which is owned by the wealthiest man in the area Korek Ironbracer. Korek used to be a miner with many of the other Dwarves in Layoris but decided to take his precious metals and make a life elsewhere. He built a large keep and a town formed around it, now he rents out his keep to the Prismatic Guard who are there to ensure safety for the people east of AAthun. The leader of this group is Major Lawrence Copper with his second in command, Mindy Veltkamp. Speaking with Mindy about arranging passage the town is attacked by scores of Yetis that seem to be fleeing from the west. In turn for helping and proving their worth Mindy allows the group to go through AAthun with only one guide. They are to meet that guide at the first wall to AAthun. The party also finds out that a second wall is being constructed as the undead are now appearing outside of the walls.


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