The Funky Bunch

Gotta Go Fast!
The race to the Arcane Sanctum

Counting the Loot

After escaping the Sewers and a Chimera the party, sans Adran, decided to take a rest at Avery’s hideaway while they figure out what they have obtained. They found a decent amount of gold as well as a potion of Invisibility, a potion of Clairvoyence. The real loot though was a magical vase that was made by a man named Dolaz. This vase allows a person who touches it an escape into a different plane that they are stuck until a certain amount of time passes. 12 hours is how long the spell last until the occupant crawls their way through the top of the vase. Among these goods were two letters of Diotu’s, possible a journal. These indicated two things, first that Diotu knows where the Arcane Sanctum is, and that Arturo Cervantes is bringing a lot of people to Saint Morek.

Seeing A Man About A Horse

The party determines that the most immediate threat is Diotu reaching the Arcane Sanctum and that Arturo Cervantes can wait. The party go to acquire a few horses to reach the Sanctum even sooner. Lerissa has purchased Chester, Chestnut, Beatriz, Minni Winni, and Last One To The Barn. The five horses that are to be burdened by The Funky Bunch. After they leave the horses at the stable to go to the shop that Atte runs to get topped off on magical equipment. Although while arriving it is quickly noted that the small shop that was there, is no longer. No trace of it even being there at any time lead the team back to the stables. Upon return it is believed that either The Violet Visionaries or The Court Of Hounds are buying up the remaining horses around to get to the Sanctum.

I Will Take it! I Will Take The Vase To The Sanctum!

With the vase of Dolaz strapped to one of the mounts The Funky Bunch rode to the Zoo Run. At Ticas Rest, just on the Southern side of the Zoo Run, the party finds a burning building filled with bodies of both the Violet Visionaries and The Court of Hounds. This is where Adran returns to the party by literally crawling out of the magical vase. Further into the forest Lerissa trys to convince the group she knows someone who can help her so she searches for a crossing point into the Feywild that are dotted through the Zoo Run. After 2 hours of searching and unsuccessful, Lucius decides to stay behind with her and help as the others give up on this fruitless endeavor and have now lost time. Reaching out to Faolan Devestriel she and Lucius are transported into the Feywild at the home of Faolan. He reaches out to the others who know nothing about why the trees surrounding them seem to be attacking. Although they put up a good fight the remaining members eventually get caught and are also transported.

A Prince Is Revealed

Prince Faolan Devestriel greets the group and explains briefly how he is connected to Lerissa and allows her to now be able to communicate with those invited to the wedding without falling unconscious. After a brief interaction with The Funky Bunch, Faolan transports them directly to the Arcane Sanctum, where they are surrounded by corpses and the entrance seems to have been blown open. The party takes in the sights and counts a few more Hounds on the ground than Visionaries but the battle seems to have made its way inside.



The party finishes planning on how to take down Diotu with Avery and crews help. With Chaz delivering a set of manacles with Atte engraved on them directly to Atte and the party dropping a box of flesh from previous murders to Diotu with a forged Atte signature to accompany it.
Hopefully to incite a gang war between the two factions.


While meeting with Diotu to update him on who killed his men, the funky bunch saw an opportunity to take him out there. Although Diotu, for a second time, gave theme the slip. In a rush to get out of the sewers that had enemies swarming to protect their boss they found a Chimera that seemingly Diotu was trying to enslave or train to be a let. With quick thinking Rolan released the beast then used his shadow step to escape the mythical creature.
The party found an escape from the sewers next to a door at the end of the hallway, hastily Rolan opened the door to be met with an arcane explosive trap. While Randall secured the exit route the others entered the room to find a workshop of sorts and another door around the corner.
In the center of the work table lay a clear vase with a glowing blue liquid inside. Adrans desire to learn more of the arcane magics in the world grabbed the vase with the intent to take it and study it, only to vanish before the party. Hastily the others gathered what they could from the lab and made their escape as the Chimera had seemingly finished with Diotu’s men and set its eyes on the Funky Bunch.


Adrans vision goes black after touching the mysterious vase. Gravity seems to have no rules in this endless darkness. He no longer feels hungry or thirsty and uses these clues to search his memory as to what he has gotten himself into. Adran recounts a story his mother and father would tell him as a child. The story of Dolaz who when unable to face the outside world would retreat to magical items he created. Voids of darkness in an unknown plane. Dolaz had many of these items and the duration of time spent in the void was limited to the size of the object, ranging from a few minutes to days.

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