A freaking weirdo


Yeddyr is a 30 year old human with an interesting mind.


Something isn’t quite right about this guy

While traveling through The Zoo Run with his family to get to Redeville in order to make a new life, Yeddyr’s family was killed by the local beasts. The party meets him in the Zoo Run where it seems he has stayed since his families death. It would appear that living there where there is a constant threat and a traumatic event happened has had some effect on Yeddyrs mind. Subject to erratic mood swings and a complete lack of worry of the consequences, Yeddyr’s actions seem to have no logical reasoning to it. Brandished with an onyx colored weapon that changes its shape and attributes when Yeddyr wishes. When Yeddyr saw his weapon in the hands of Adran he went from extremely cheerful to a great anger until he got the weapon back. Yeddyr found this weapon shortly after his family’s death when he managed to kill a giant snake and started cutting it up for food. It was there just laying in the serpents belly, presumably from a previous adventurer.


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