Odin Cren

Boy with ambition to be a merchant of unique items



Odin Cren is a 12 year old human boy that runs Odin’s Odytis (Misspelled because he doesn’t know better.) Odin started this shop to help his father financially. Odin’s father is a deadbeat, verbally abusive, drunk. Odin is aware that his father is not a good man but he can not bring himself to not help him. He is an innocent boy with a heart of gold. One day Odin wishes to own his own storefront selling all kinds of Unique and specialty items. Although he is a child, Odin has a keen financial mind that is occasionally trumped by his age as he once in awhile makes bad financial decisions due to excitement or being swindled.


After exposing Avery Folus both Rolan and Adran decide to stop by Odin’s shop to say goodbye and maybe find a few items that will help them with their journey only to find Odin not there. They decide to see if he is at home which is located right behind Odin’s cart where he sells his goods. As Rolan goes to knock on the door he finds it already ajar. Opening the creaky door further leads to a trail of rose petals leading to the backroom. Still unable to control himself around roses since the massacre of Rolan’s family, Rolan begins to hyperventilate and thrusts himself into a corner trying to regroup. Adran investigates the back room to see a man, presumably Odins father, in his bed covered in roses and blood. A rose bursting forth from each of his eye sockets Adran finds that the flowers have grown from the inside of the mans body. Adran helps to get Rolan away from the scene to gather himself but not before picking up a small plush bear that was a toy of Odins.


On the way back from re-securing The Conch for Tarran, Rolan asks Atte to use the plush bear to scry on Odin in hopes that he is alive and well. The party sees sweet little Odin on a riverbed with a fishing pole in his hands. A smile across his face which brings warmth to Rolans heart. Then a hand appears on the boys shoulder. Odin glances upward and says “Thank you Uncle” before the full view of the man comes into view. An Elven man in his mid to late 200s with shorter (for elves) black hair that stops just above his shoulders. Nobody recognizes this man but its clear to the party that there is something wrong with this scenario.


Odin Cren

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