Agricultural leader of Lordak



The only Half-orc in all of Lordak. He owns the largest farm of the whole town. His land is his own not owned by Garos Ineer. His lands are farthest away from the town closer to the Grey Peak mountains which make them the most fertile land. Many of his workers are people that Garos bought their land and found out that without their own farm they could not support their families. Modek hires these people that made bad financial decision and pays them well, more than they would have made on their own farm, but he does require they work and work hard for their pay. He represents the farmers of Lordak as the Head of Agriculture in the small council of Lordak.


Modek was married for a time to a slightly robust woman named Hilda who now works at Bolsums Bossum. While the details of their romance are unknown one thing is very clear, it did not end well at all. When Modek gets angry he seems to curse his ex wife more than the person who is making him upset. Unknown to Modek, for the moment, is that Lucius The Magnificent has laid with Hilda which Lucius seems to want to keep a secret from Modek. Perhaps out of respect for the mans pride, or fear in his own life if Modek found out.



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