Lerissa Vallenquist

Human Warlock 9


Player: Staretta
Level & Class: Warlock 9
Race: Human (Variant)
Background: Noble
Experience: 59000 / 64000 (Next Level)
Gender: Female
Size: Medium


STR 8 (-1)

DEX 14 (2)

CON 12 (1)

INT 14 (2)

WIS 10 (0)

CHA 20 (5)

AC 14 (Studded Leather Armor)

Passive Perception 10

Max HP 52

Initiative +2

Speed 30ft


I am always curious about anything arcana, occult, and magical.

My eloquent flattery makes everyone I talk to feel like the most important person in the world.


Knowledge is the path to power and domination.


I sold my soul for knowledge and power. I hope to use it to make my life truly my own.


I hide a scandalous secret that could ruin my family forever.


Lerissa had a charmed homelife, living in the countryside on her father’s private estate. Her father is a count, and swears fealty to the king and his kingdom. She is the middle child of three, sharing the estate with her younger sister Katherine, and her older brother Aelrin. Aelrin tends to spend his time at court, away from the countryside estate, and receives some military training, and the like. Her younger sister Katherine helps her mother, take care of the estate, settling disputes with commoners who work their lands, and sometimes helping plan grand festivities.

She spent a lot of her childhood looking up to her older brother, Aelrin, and idolizing his ability to wield a sword, or go on hunts with her father. She often found herself daydreaming of partaking in hunts, and learning how to use a bow. Her parents often found her trying to emulate her brother by playing with sticks, making them into staves, and throwing rocks at various targets. They scolded her often, telling her it was unbecoming of a young lady, and that her responsibility was to her family, and that it was her duty to marry a man who could bring their family more prestige in the court.

A few years later, she went out, pretending to be hunting bad guys in the woods behind the house, when she came across a cave. She thought a moment, and realized, this is a perfect opportunity to bring back something from the cave, and prove to her parents that she was meant for adventure like Aelrin. With that, she ventured off into the cave, her trusty homemade staff in hand.

( Successfully ventures through the cave, gets lost on way home. Starts raining, cloudy, thunder, lightning, get scared, runs around woods and eventually finds and seeks shelter in a wandering wizard’s camp, tells her she has some latent magical ability, the wizard teaches her some magic,, then shows her the way home. )

A wandering wizard took an interest in young Lerissa as she played with one of her homemade staves in the woods behind the estate. He told her she had a lot of arcane potential. She only needed to learn how to control and wield it. He gave her a gift, a scroll containing some arcane sigils that if she had the potential, she could learn to use. He taught her how to cast a basic light spell, and use prestidigitation to clean herself up. He left her with her mind expanded, wanting to learn all she could.

( Some stuff about studying magic, dreams/glimpses of feywild/archfey? )

Lerissa was set to be married off to another lord’s son in an arranged marriage. She had met the man a few times when they were younger, and even then, his true nature revealed itself. She fought against the marriage, knowing the man in question to be a vile, wicked man. She tried everything she could to get out of it, even running away on occasion, only to be brought back to the estate.

On the eve of the wedding, a mysterious present arrived on her bed. It was a beautiful gilt-edged tome, filled with drawings and sigils she couldn’t quite comprehend. Upon touching one of the sigils, she had a vision, of a magical place, where she struck a deal with an archfey. The power to escape her situation, and seek the adventure she always sought, but unknown to her, all for the archfey’s entertainment. They archfey talked in riddles, promising all her dreams will come true, as long as she occasionally performs an odd task now and then. The morning slowly approaching, and dreading what the day will bring, she foolishly agreed to the terms, accepting the archfey’s power, and her fate.

That night, after her vision, she charmed one of the servants into helping to kill her betrothed. It didn’t work in her favor, her fiance easily dispatched and killed her charmed servant. In one last desperate attempt, she cast her first fire bolt, hitting the lantern near his bedside causing it to burst in flames. Flaming oil spilled everywhere, catching everything on fire, and severely wounding her fiance gravely. Unfortunately, it did not kill him, and with her scheme thwarted, she made her escape while the house was in a panic. Her fiance survived that night, being dragged from the room, but he was scarred terribly. He searches for her to this day, his reasons unclear.

Aelrin Vallenquist (Older Brother)
Katherine Vallenquist (Younger Sister)
Markus Vallenquist (Father)
Victoria Vallenquist (Mother)
Prince Faolan Devestriel (ArchFey)
Arturo Cervantes (Fiance)
Malik Cervantes (Soon to be Father in law)

Prince Faolan Devestriel (ArchFey): Used to have a wife who died in a war with some other fey. He now seeks out mortals who he believes are the reincarnated versions of his wife to satisfy his longing.

The deal I made with him was for a third of my life. I expected to die early, however, the archfey had other ideas in mind, in that whenever I sleep my consciousness is astrally projected to the feywild to be with him as his lost wife. I now seek to free myself from his control, while still maintain my powers that I have gained from him.

Lerissa Vallenquist

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