Chester (Chaz) Goldenmount (Deceased)

Pervert or Genius..... No, Definitely a Pervert



Chester Goldenmount is a 3’6" tall, 41 year old gnome, just barely a man, and acts the part. Chester very clearly hates his given name and prefers something a little more dangerous, more risky, more seductive, Chaz. Being far too diplomatic and deceptive for his own good, Chaz uses his gifts for his rude and perverse wants. Overconfidence in his abilities is usually what leads him to bite off more than he can chew and has ended him in a few too many jail cells. Chaz has for some reason teamed up with Avery Folus to bring some justice to Saint Morek. His reasons are currently unknown but spending a few minutes with him, its probably to become famous and get laid.

The legacy of dirty Chaz (Chester Goldenmount)

His story came to brutal end when he was caught delivering handcuffs with Atte‘s name scratched into them, in an attempt to get the Violet Visionaries and the Court of Hounds to fight each other. The party found Chaz’s body at the bottom of the stairs in the 3rd floor of the Arcane Sanctum.


Chester (Chaz) Goldenmount (Deceased)

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