Avery Folus

Previous captain of the guard in Lordak turned vigilante


Avery is a young and beautiful half-elven woman. She is meticulous and precise with her work and life, often requiring the same of those she commands.



She is very good at her job considering the lack of troops that she has. Most members on the council see her as a useless seat there seeing as how Lordak has been a fairly peaceful town for a very long time. Avery deep down wishes for a calamity so she has a way to prove herself as a leader and not useless. Avery sent letters to Ulgrash informing him that him and his band, The Scar Brand Orcs, had a potential home in the Grey Peak Mountains. This she also arranged with Milo, leader of the druids, under the guise that if anything went wrong she would be there to help. Milo agreed to give 5 square miles of the mountain to the Orcs as a home but Avery told Ulgrash he could have the entirety of the mountain. Avery promised to assist the Orcs but when the time came she made no action on either side. Intending to have the Druids die and a chance to show that Lordak is not safe and her position is extremely important.


The Funky Bunch was an unexpected variable in her plan which defeated the Scar Brand Orcs and found suspicious letters incriminating Avery. After bringing the information to the remainder of the Council of Lordak they agreed to take her captive. A poorly located arrest was made in the center of the barracks where Avery’s men rushed to her side, although due to the great power of Lucius’ fear spell the party succeeded at subduing Avery as well as the current guard in the barracks.


Agreeing to take Avery to the ship, the Septi Sunrise, which Avery had a ticket to venture on incase her plan went awry, in Saint Morek, the party set off with Avery in chains. This led the party through The Zoo Run where Avery showed that she has given up on fighting the group but was able to finally show off her skill. She choked out an infant Owlbear using the chains she was bound with as well as a few other creatures that were encountered even though she was unarmed, she was fearless. During the journey The Funky Bunch along with Avery met Yeddyr, whom Avery refused to communicate to. Lucius took it upon himself to try and cheer her up with conversation, and after days of attempting to communicate with Avery, eventually at the docks in the Saint Morek in front of The Septi Sunrise, the party agreed to let her go and leave the option to stay in Saint Morek or go wherever the Septi Sunrise was to venture next. Finally Avery broke and thanked Lucius for his hospitality. Needing time to contemplate a few things Avery Folus decided to stay in Saint Morek.


It would appear that Avery did not like the way the city of Saint Morek was being ran and decided to do what she could to end the corruption. She has formed a small party that, for their own reasons, had similar interests. With Chester (Chaz) Goldenmount the gnome, and Namul a massive Goliath, Avery has become the leader of a nameless group of vigilantes bent on fixing Saint Morek for the better.

Avery Folus

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