The Funky Bunch

The Battle For The Children

The Plan

The next morning the Funky Bunch split into two teams. Rolan and Randall will attack the manor from above and the remaining party will enter the front door. Systematically they begin cutting down the drapes that block the light from making its way inside. Though still under the charm spell Adran was not as cooperative. Frustrated by this Lucius casts a Suggestion spell on him to open all the curtains. Split between searching for the children to protect and letting light in, Adran’s mind becomes a jumble and extremely torn.


Room by room the party quickly searches while brightening up the house. On the first floor eventually the party makes their way to the kitchen that has a set of stairs leading in to the basement. But upstairs Rolan crashes through a window to find a small child in a bed that immediatly begins screaming in pain as the sun burns his flesh. Quickly Rolan covers the child to not kill him, immediately after gets attacked by a teenage girl by the name of Clio. He severely injures her and proceeds to the next bedroom to let in more light. Another child lay there burning and thrashing at the blanket covering it. No way to block itself from the light this vampire child burns in its bed.

Finish It

In the basement Lerissa and Randall make their way down invisible in order to take Strahd by suprise. The party demands the release of any children not turned. Strahd sends up a 4 year old boy known as Allure who they send to wait outside the front door. Some time during this Johanna makes a break for it, trudging through the snow Lerissa sends Hedwig her owl after the girl to keep an eye on her. Strahd, seemingly gives up in favor of sparing the childrens lives, realizes there is no guarantee these invaders will slaughter them after he has been destroyed. He takes on a fighting stance and faces off against the party, instructing Adran to keep the children safe. The party takes care of Strahd with Lerissa and her trusty Eldritch Blast getting the final blow. The children, distraught at losing their caretaker take on the rest of the part. This ends with their lives being taken.

A Dark Creature

Rolan Immediatly chases after Johanna to find her face down in the snow, passed out from exhaustion. He picks her up and begins heading back to the house.
During the looting of the place Lucius makes his way upstairs to the bedroom with the living child hiding under the sheets. He notices something moving near the belly of the child. Lucius pulls back the sheet to find a small rat that has burrowed its way in the stomach cavity of the child. As Lucius goes to grab it, the rodents shape changed and turns into a small red devilish imp that says he is there to bring Lucius to his master. Pulling out a very small scroll the imp begins an incantation. Next thing known Lucius is in a large chamber with 6 large pillars leading up to a darkened ceiling. Behind him a massive double door that the imp sits at. In front is a large throne with a creature whose grey and dark blue skin seems to be covered in boils that will occasionally pop and the excess skin left behind simply gets absorbed back in this beings body.
Missing the lower half of the body this creature sits on its torso above Lucius. Large blue horns jut from the side of this creatures head before shooting upwards and back down the rear of the creature. Sharp, misshapen teeth stick out over his upper lip from his large overbite, and covered in blood. Lastly to note is the single piece of clothing he wears. A vest made of different bits of flesh from a variety of creatures, sewn together to cover what is left of his body.


Speaking slowly and as if the air is constantly escaping its lungs Fhurziezohn introduces himself. Informs Lucius that he has loaned a portion of his power to the tiefling. He seems to have knowledge of Lucius and his past, at least a small bit of it. Fhurziezohn offers more of his power in exchange to “Feed him.” Lucius’s sword grows bits of the grey and black flesh all over it including the boils that when bursting have the strong scent of sulfur pouring out of it. “Kill the imp and feed me.” Lucius agrees and while begging the imp backs himself up to the door as Lucius’s sword strikes in to it, slaying the creature. Then the blade grows around the corpse completely, shortly after retracting leaving nothing behind in its wake. “he was disgusting, I need more powerful souls, Satiate me Lucius the Magnificent, or be ever known as Lucius the Mundane.”


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