The Funky Bunch

Overkill Home Security

Home Invasion

As the party prepares to enter the Arcane Sanctum a small group of the Violet Visionaries meets them outside, seemingly in search of their allies that are still alive from earlier. The Funky bunch quickly disposes of this group to find the corpse of Atté split in twain at the top of the stairs. After which they venture down into the second level of the Sanctum where the noise from the previous fight has left the enemies there prepared to handle what is coming. An invisible mage with a well placed couple of spells nearly wipes out the entire party of The Funky Bunch, but their resolve is stronger than anticipated and they happen to defeat the enemies, albeit on death’s door.

The previous battle between the Violet Visionaries and the Court of Hounds seems to have blasted open the secret passage that granted access to the third level where Adran and Rolan have never set foot. Peering down the stairway a small gnome corpse gets tossed to the base from beyond their sight line. Followed by the voice of Tarran “This was your message?” There, 20 feet from the party, lie Chester Goldenmount. After which a pearl smashes against the base of the steps and a whirlpool of water erupts forth from this small gem. A water elemental takes form, this is when the party decides it’s wiser to flee for now and return healed.

The consequences of retreat

Finding a safe spot at the base of The Grey Peak Mountains the party rests and sleeps to heal themselves. Under the veil of night they sneak back up to the Arcane Sanctum to find it just as they left it, except the second level which seems to have been robbed of many of the books and scrolls scattered around. Entering the third level reveals another room robbed of ancient knowledge. There at the end of a long table is the corpse of Diotu who has been bound with magical manacles that seem to cast an aura of Anti magic. Lerissa chops the hands off of Diotu to acquire the magical item. A rounded room holds 6 pedestals that are empty and a hidden message on the wall “True balance is required for the knowledge ahead.” Entering he only other door in the room shows a hallway with 6 cut outs in the walls, each with an item in them. The first 2 hold a statuette of a beholder and across from that a small, toy sized, wooden sword and shield. The next an Iron blacksmith’s hammer and a bottle of a deep red liquid with sylvan on it. And the final 2 are a seemingly perfectly cooked ham leg and a leather bound book with a latch on it. When moved the floor in front of them rotates 90 degrees revealing a very very deep pit beneath.

So many doors

Past this is a square room with 6 wooden doors and an immense stone door that seems to have a magical tie to the others and in the center a water elemental that was promptly banished by Lerissa. The stone door has an engraving in it “No one person should hold all the knowledge beyond.” Across the door lay 40 semi rounded stones that sit in channels that stretch all across the massive stone door. When opening one room to the side and stepping in the door promptly closes behind Rolan. It is a short hallway with another door at the following end. Upon opening this door a gust of wind thrusts whomever is in the hallway inside of the room beyond (DC 15 STR). In this room the walls appear as glass being able to see the other 6 rooms around with nothing in between or around. A black ooze begins growing in the corner of the room which attacks Rolan. The door disappears behind him and nobody outside is able to open it up.

Back in the safe room Adran quickly tries to find another way to help his friend by entering the room adjacent to him. This leads him to the same trap but with a rug and spectre in it. Lucius the room across from Rolan which has a Red Dragon Wyrmling inside. Lucius decides the best way to deal with his threat is to drown it in the room with his Decanter of Endless Water. Adran brute forces his challenge, and Rolan trades blows with the Ooze hoping that he can simply win a race to unconsciousness with the creature. Right as he is about to fall Randal uses Stone Shape to tunnel his way into the room.

Several seconds after his room is defeated Rolan goes into the room where Adran faced his foes. Then the door closes once more behind him, leaving him to face the same threat as his companion. It would appear that these rooms reset, though what triggers this is still unknown. As a test Lucius drags the body of the Wyrmling out only to have it disintegrate before his eyes.


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