The Funky Bunch

DM too lazy for this shit

Got a little behind

So I got lazy and busy (not a great combination) and stopped updating on here but I believe its still a great source for The Funky Bunch’s story so I will do the best that I can to keep this site updated. There will be a few posts giving the basics of what has happened after the party left Strahd’s Manor

After The Manor

After Strahd’s Manor the party returned to Kymbed where Kristina Mosteller took the oldest of the 2 children, Johanna to care for since she didn’t seem emotionally well enough to go back into the public with other children. Meanwhile Allure (The young boy) goes back to The Bright Horizon to be with his friends. Lucius started a group called “Lucious’s Lads” which acts as an internship for the orphaned children in Kymbed. Devestriel went to work with Ruby, Arth got set up to work with Lassa, a tailor. The party is informed there are two best routes to get back to Galia, going to Gran Soren where an airship could take them to Elothwai but they may have to wait a month for the ship to arrive before it departs. The other route is to go through AAthun which was once the capital of Layoris until it was overun by the dead and now is walled off. The plan is after getting through they can reach Ru, a port city with trade routes to Saint Morek

Journey to AAthun

The party decides to take the route through AAthun in hopes of returning home faster. They stop at a town with a keep called Charnik on the outskirts of the walled area leading into AAthun. In Charnik is the keep The Ironwrought Keep which is owned by the wealthiest man in the area Korek Ironbracer. Korek used to be a miner with many of the other Dwarves in Layoris but decided to take his precious metals and make a life elsewhere. He built a large keep and a town formed around it, now he rents out his keep to the Prismatic Guard who are there to ensure safety for the people east of AAthun. The leader of this group is Major Lawrence Copper with his second in command, Mindy Veltkamp. Speaking with Mindy about arranging passage the town is attacked by scores of Yetis that seem to be fleeing from the west. In turn for helping and proving their worth Mindy allows the group to go through AAthun with only one guide. They are to meet that guide at the first wall to AAthun. The party also finds out that a second wall is being constructed as the undead are now appearing outside of the walls.

The Battle For The Children

The Plan

The next morning the Funky Bunch split into two teams. Rolan and Randall will attack the manor from above and the remaining party will enter the front door. Systematically they begin cutting down the drapes that block the light from making its way inside. Though still under the charm spell Adran was not as cooperative. Frustrated by this Lucius casts a Suggestion spell on him to open all the curtains. Split between searching for the children to protect and letting light in, Adran’s mind becomes a jumble and extremely torn.


Room by room the party quickly searches while brightening up the house. On the first floor eventually the party makes their way to the kitchen that has a set of stairs leading in to the basement. But upstairs Rolan crashes through a window to find a small child in a bed that immediatly begins screaming in pain as the sun burns his flesh. Quickly Rolan covers the child to not kill him, immediately after gets attacked by a teenage girl by the name of Clio. He severely injures her and proceeds to the next bedroom to let in more light. Another child lay there burning and thrashing at the blanket covering it. No way to block itself from the light this vampire child burns in its bed.

Finish It

In the basement Lerissa and Randall make their way down invisible in order to take Strahd by suprise. The party demands the release of any children not turned. Strahd sends up a 4 year old boy known as Allure who they send to wait outside the front door. Some time during this Johanna makes a break for it, trudging through the snow Lerissa sends Hedwig her owl after the girl to keep an eye on her. Strahd, seemingly gives up in favor of sparing the childrens lives, realizes there is no guarantee these invaders will slaughter them after he has been destroyed. He takes on a fighting stance and faces off against the party, instructing Adran to keep the children safe. The party takes care of Strahd with Lerissa and her trusty Eldritch Blast getting the final blow. The children, distraught at losing their caretaker take on the rest of the part. This ends with their lives being taken.

A Dark Creature

Rolan Immediatly chases after Johanna to find her face down in the snow, passed out from exhaustion. He picks her up and begins heading back to the house.
During the looting of the place Lucius makes his way upstairs to the bedroom with the living child hiding under the sheets. He notices something moving near the belly of the child. Lucius pulls back the sheet to find a small rat that has burrowed its way in the stomach cavity of the child. As Lucius goes to grab it, the rodents shape changed and turns into a small red devilish imp that says he is there to bring Lucius to his master. Pulling out a very small scroll the imp begins an incantation. Next thing known Lucius is in a large chamber with 6 large pillars leading up to a darkened ceiling. Behind him a massive double door that the imp sits at. In front is a large throne with a creature whose grey and dark blue skin seems to be covered in boils that will occasionally pop and the excess skin left behind simply gets absorbed back in this beings body.
Missing the lower half of the body this creature sits on its torso above Lucius. Large blue horns jut from the side of this creatures head before shooting upwards and back down the rear of the creature. Sharp, misshapen teeth stick out over his upper lip from his large overbite, and covered in blood. Lastly to note is the single piece of clothing he wears. A vest made of different bits of flesh from a variety of creatures, sewn together to cover what is left of his body.


Speaking slowly and as if the air is constantly escaping its lungs Fhurziezohn introduces himself. Informs Lucius that he has loaned a portion of his power to the tiefling. He seems to have knowledge of Lucius and his past, at least a small bit of it. Fhurziezohn offers more of his power in exchange to “Feed him.” Lucius’s sword grows bits of the grey and black flesh all over it including the boils that when bursting have the strong scent of sulfur pouring out of it. “Kill the imp and feed me.” Lucius agrees and while begging the imp backs himself up to the door as Lucius’s sword strikes in to it, slaying the creature. Then the blade grows around the corpse completely, shortly after retracting leaving nothing behind in its wake. “he was disgusting, I need more powerful souls, Satiate me Lucius the Magnificent, or be ever known as Lucius the Mundane.”

Lot Of Happenings

Dope Ass Night

The night grew boring until Rolan noticed a group of boys leaving. Not wanting to restrain them he acted as an escort only to be a total buzz kill. Eventually they all came home and set off for bed, but not before the eldest of the boys smuggled some druid touch from somewhere. Lucius found this as an opportunity to reconnect with the youth and proceeded to out smoke every single one of the boys with no serious problem.

Nobody Suspects The Draegloth!

With a full day ahead of them, the Funky Bunch decides to check in on this Strahd character that Lucius had heard of the night before. Several miles to the east of Kymbed is a ravine that runs north and south. Entering from the north and making their way through the heavy snow that has set in this area the party is eventually told to turn back by a large black creature with 4 arms and long white hair. The Funky Bunch agrees “Screw that” and proceeds to kill one of the two beast while the other runs off.

Now with curiosity they venture even further, eventually coming to a group of 3 sets of plate mail that harbor a red glow, standing in front of a wide opening. The armor begins walking slowly through the snow to them when Randall puts up a wall of flame to stop them. While this was fruitless the party does eventually slay these creatures. Licking their wounds a small girl is seen peering around in to the chasm from the wide opening. Rolan takes off.

Rescue or Kidnapping.

Using his shadowstep in this darkened ravine, Rolan bursts around the corner to see the girl reaching a large manor. Before she is able to enter Rolan grabs her and takes her back to the party, but not before knocking her out to sedate the struggle. The Funky Bunch decides the best way to leave would be to scale the side of this chasm and have an easy stroll out. With the party split, Randall, Lerissa, and Lucius on the top, Rolan still on the ground, and Adran hanging from the rope. A man comes around the corner. He begs for them to give Johannah back to him, after their refusal Strahd strikes.

Can’t Defend Two Fronts

Strahd leaps in to attack, charming Adran and feasting on his blood. But to defend against an areal assault while fighting opponents on the ground is not an easy task. He quickly finds himself outmatched in this environment and flees. Retreating to the manor to rest, while the party leaves to rest as well. Knowing they will have to go back in to this beast at his lair.

Lucius, I Don't Think We Are In Galia Anymore

The 6 Rooms

With time on their side the Funky Bunch rests up and takes on the 6 different rooms that seem to be halting their progress. Adran’s room came with a swift victory which was followed by the others within the time limit before the rooms reset. They all stood and watched as the prtruding stones of this door shift across the surface and eventually form the shape of a chain with 6 links. At this the double door slowly swings open.

The End of the Arcane Sanctum?

The door swings open revealing a long stretch of marble flooring and finely cut stone wall hallway. As the party steps forward their echo carries onward seemingly lighting the sconces that lay ahead. A brief 15 minute walk leads them to a rounded room with 6 cutouts into the walls and names engraved above each. From left to right they read Samorit, Tantor, Lumidaar, Reynala, Zilyana, and Reverence.

Using the gem of true seeing Adran finds that each one of these has a very ancient and permanent teleportation circle on each wall. Touching the one under Samorit, Adran is teleported away from the party. Shortly after the rest of the party, not wanting to divide again, follow suite. They appear in a natural cave with only one small exit and no return the way they came. Following this out finds them at the base of The Gale, a mountain in the northern part of Layoris. To their south a large town called Kymbed.

A Welcoming To A New Place

Shortly upon entering the town of Kymbed the Funky Bunch is approached by a young dragonborn lady by the name of Katrina Mosteller. She offers her home as a place to rest for the party and in turn she asks many questions about their adventures so far. After hearing of a few of their tales Katrina asks for their help with an investigation of missing children from the locale orphanage Bright Horizon

Feeling fresh the next day the party goes to see this orphanage where they meet with Jordan Charn, the founder of this home for lost children. It is found that in the last 2 months 6 children have gone missing at night. The most recent of which is a teenage girl by the name of Johanna. Speaking to a few children it is discovered there is a rumor of a man sneaking in at night and speaking to the children the night before they go missing. Lucy, a 6 year old girl, claims to have seen this man in the dark talking to Johanna before she hid herself. The next day Johanna was missing.

The lonely boy Devestriel has expressed that he, like Johanna, can’t adjust to the life as an orphan and would like to leave. Though his fear of not surviving on his own is what keeps him in the orphanage. He is extremely saddened by the loss of his parents and can’t figure out how the other children have moved on so quick.

The Hot Springs Episode

The Funky Bunch decides it a good idea to investigate the local hot springs that sit under The Gale. Basically shit all happened except Lucius stole a key to a random room there.

Pub Always Has Info

Before setting up for the watch at night Lucius makes is way to a tavern and asks around for interesting characters in town. This leads a drunk to tell him of Strahd. A man who has lived at a Manor a couple miles away from town. He moved in a couple years ago and is rarely seen. Nobody knows how he brings in money as his business seems to be elusive to many people.

Laying A Trap.

To prepare for the night everybody has taken positions within the Bright Horizon. On the top floor which has the older boys is Lucius who will be sleeping through the night and relying on his allies if things go down. The third floor with the younger boys is where Rolan has stationed himself.
The second floor with the younger girls is Adran’s floor for protecting. This leaves Randal and Lerissa to cover the ground floor.

Overkill Home Security

Home Invasion

As the party prepares to enter the Arcane Sanctum a small group of the Violet Visionaries meets them outside, seemingly in search of their allies that are still alive from earlier. The Funky bunch quickly disposes of this group to find the corpse of Atté split in twain at the top of the stairs. After which they venture down into the second level of the Sanctum where the noise from the previous fight has left the enemies there prepared to handle what is coming. An invisible mage with a well placed couple of spells nearly wipes out the entire party of The Funky Bunch, but their resolve is stronger than anticipated and they happen to defeat the enemies, albeit on death’s door.

The previous battle between the Violet Visionaries and the Court of Hounds seems to have blasted open the secret passage that granted access to the third level where Adran and Rolan have never set foot. Peering down the stairway a small gnome corpse gets tossed to the base from beyond their sight line. Followed by the voice of Tarran “This was your message?” There, 20 feet from the party, lie Chester Goldenmount. After which a pearl smashes against the base of the steps and a whirlpool of water erupts forth from this small gem. A water elemental takes form, this is when the party decides it’s wiser to flee for now and return healed.

The consequences of retreat

Finding a safe spot at the base of The Grey Peak Mountains the party rests and sleeps to heal themselves. Under the veil of night they sneak back up to the Arcane Sanctum to find it just as they left it, except the second level which seems to have been robbed of many of the books and scrolls scattered around. Entering the third level reveals another room robbed of ancient knowledge. There at the end of a long table is the corpse of Diotu who has been bound with magical manacles that seem to cast an aura of Anti magic. Lerissa chops the hands off of Diotu to acquire the magical item. A rounded room holds 6 pedestals that are empty and a hidden message on the wall “True balance is required for the knowledge ahead.” Entering he only other door in the room shows a hallway with 6 cut outs in the walls, each with an item in them. The first 2 hold a statuette of a beholder and across from that a small, toy sized, wooden sword and shield. The next an Iron blacksmith’s hammer and a bottle of a deep red liquid with sylvan on it. And the final 2 are a seemingly perfectly cooked ham leg and a leather bound book with a latch on it. When moved the floor in front of them rotates 90 degrees revealing a very very deep pit beneath.

So many doors

Past this is a square room with 6 wooden doors and an immense stone door that seems to have a magical tie to the others and in the center a water elemental that was promptly banished by Lerissa. The stone door has an engraving in it “No one person should hold all the knowledge beyond.” Across the door lay 40 semi rounded stones that sit in channels that stretch all across the massive stone door. When opening one room to the side and stepping in the door promptly closes behind Rolan. It is a short hallway with another door at the following end. Upon opening this door a gust of wind thrusts whomever is in the hallway inside of the room beyond (DC 15 STR). In this room the walls appear as glass being able to see the other 6 rooms around with nothing in between or around. A black ooze begins growing in the corner of the room which attacks Rolan. The door disappears behind him and nobody outside is able to open it up.

Back in the safe room Adran quickly tries to find another way to help his friend by entering the room adjacent to him. This leads him to the same trap but with a rug and spectre in it. Lucius the room across from Rolan which has a Red Dragon Wyrmling inside. Lucius decides the best way to deal with his threat is to drown it in the room with his Decanter of Endless Water. Adran brute forces his challenge, and Rolan trades blows with the Ooze hoping that he can simply win a race to unconsciousness with the creature. Right as he is about to fall Randal uses Stone Shape to tunnel his way into the room.

Several seconds after his room is defeated Rolan goes into the room where Adran faced his foes. Then the door closes once more behind him, leaving him to face the same threat as his companion. It would appear that these rooms reset, though what triggers this is still unknown. As a test Lucius drags the body of the Wyrmling out only to have it disintegrate before his eyes.

Gotta Go Fast!
The race to the Arcane Sanctum

Counting the Loot

After escaping the Sewers and a Chimera the party, sans Adran, decided to take a rest at Avery’s hideaway while they figure out what they have obtained. They found a decent amount of gold as well as a potion of Invisibility, a potion of Clairvoyence. The real loot though was a magical vase that was made by a man named Dolaz. This vase allows a person who touches it an escape into a different plane that they are stuck until a certain amount of time passes. 12 hours is how long the spell last until the occupant crawls their way through the top of the vase. Among these goods were two letters of Diotu’s, possible a journal. These indicated two things, first that Diotu knows where the Arcane Sanctum is, and that Arturo Cervantes is bringing a lot of people to Saint Morek.

Seeing A Man About A Horse

The party determines that the most immediate threat is Diotu reaching the Arcane Sanctum and that Arturo Cervantes can wait. The party go to acquire a few horses to reach the Sanctum even sooner. Lerissa has purchased Chester, Chestnut, Beatriz, Minni Winni, and Last One To The Barn. The five horses that are to be burdened by The Funky Bunch. After they leave the horses at the stable to go to the shop that Atte runs to get topped off on magical equipment. Although while arriving it is quickly noted that the small shop that was there, is no longer. No trace of it even being there at any time lead the team back to the stables. Upon return it is believed that either The Violet Visionaries or The Court Of Hounds are buying up the remaining horses around to get to the Sanctum.

I Will Take it! I Will Take The Vase To The Sanctum!

With the vase of Dolaz strapped to one of the mounts The Funky Bunch rode to the Zoo Run. At Ticas Rest, just on the Southern side of the Zoo Run, the party finds a burning building filled with bodies of both the Violet Visionaries and The Court of Hounds. This is where Adran returns to the party by literally crawling out of the magical vase. Further into the forest Lerissa trys to convince the group she knows someone who can help her so she searches for a crossing point into the Feywild that are dotted through the Zoo Run. After 2 hours of searching and unsuccessful, Lucius decides to stay behind with her and help as the others give up on this fruitless endeavor and have now lost time. Reaching out to Faolan Devestriel she and Lucius are transported into the Feywild at the home of Faolan. He reaches out to the others who know nothing about why the trees surrounding them seem to be attacking. Although they put up a good fight the remaining members eventually get caught and are also transported.

A Prince Is Revealed

Prince Faolan Devestriel greets the group and explains briefly how he is connected to Lerissa and allows her to now be able to communicate with those invited to the wedding without falling unconscious. After a brief interaction with The Funky Bunch, Faolan transports them directly to the Arcane Sanctum, where they are surrounded by corpses and the entrance seems to have been blown open. The party takes in the sights and counts a few more Hounds on the ground than Visionaries but the battle seems to have made its way inside.



The party finishes planning on how to take down Diotu with Avery and crews help. With Chaz delivering a set of manacles with Atte engraved on them directly to Atte and the party dropping a box of flesh from previous murders to Diotu with a forged Atte signature to accompany it.
Hopefully to incite a gang war between the two factions.


While meeting with Diotu to update him on who killed his men, the funky bunch saw an opportunity to take him out there. Although Diotu, for a second time, gave theme the slip. In a rush to get out of the sewers that had enemies swarming to protect their boss they found a Chimera that seemingly Diotu was trying to enslave or train to be a let. With quick thinking Rolan released the beast then used his shadow step to escape the mythical creature.
The party found an escape from the sewers next to a door at the end of the hallway, hastily Rolan opened the door to be met with an arcane explosive trap. While Randall secured the exit route the others entered the room to find a workshop of sorts and another door around the corner.
In the center of the work table lay a clear vase with a glowing blue liquid inside. Adrans desire to learn more of the arcane magics in the world grabbed the vase with the intent to take it and study it, only to vanish before the party. Hastily the others gathered what they could from the lab and made their escape as the Chimera had seemingly finished with Diotu’s men and set its eyes on the Funky Bunch.


Adrans vision goes black after touching the mysterious vase. Gravity seems to have no rules in this endless darkness. He no longer feels hungry or thirsty and uses these clues to search his memory as to what he has gotten himself into. Adran recounts a story his mother and father would tell him as a child. The story of Dolaz who when unable to face the outside world would retreat to magical items he created. Voids of darkness in an unknown plane. Dolaz had many of these items and the duration of time spent in the void was limited to the size of the object, ranging from a few minutes to days.

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